Centre for Exoplanet Science

Events & seminars

Seminars and presentations associated with exoplanets

The Centre for Exoplanet Science  has a seminar series.  We are currently working on the schedule for Semester 2 of the 2016/2017 academic  year.

The Institute for Astronomy has seminars and informal talks that often includes talks on exoplanet-related topics, as does the School of Geosciences. The UK Centre for Astrobiology also has regular seminars that focus on astrobiology and habitability.

Recent seminars 

April 2017, Ray Pierrehumbert, University of Oxford

March 2017, Giovanna Tinetti, University of College London.

November 2016, Jean-Michel Desert, University of Amsterdam

September 2016, Christoph Mordasini, University of Bern

May 2016,  Sarah Rugheimer, St Andrews University

March 2016, Katja Poppenhaeger, Queen's University Belfast

February 2016, Tami Rogers, University of Newcastle

December 2015, Guillaume Laibe, St Andrews University 

October 2015, Sasha Hinkley, University of Exeter 

April 2015, Nathan Mayne, University of Exeter 

Upcoming seminars

11 May 2017: Christiane Helling - Charge processes in planetary atmospheres

Thousands of planets, that orbit stars other than our Sun, have now been discovered. Space and ground-based observations provide first insights in their atmospheric physics and chemistry, like weather features or the presence of molecules like H2O and CH4. These, however, can only be snippets of information for each individual object. To understand the whole ensemble of known objects we will need to produce models that help us understand planetary atmospheres and their formation.