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Previous seminars

A list of previous seminars associated with the Centre for Exoplanet Science.

02 May 2018: Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar - Reading between the lines: Adventures in spectroscopy of young and wild stars and their environments

Emission lines are one of the defining characteristics of young stars, and carry an overwhelming (and not-so-easy-to-extract) amount of information about accretion and activity processes in the stellar magnetosphere and innermost disk. Using time-resolved spectroscopy covering several rotational and disk orbital periods, we can obtain a very detailed view of the structure and variability of accretion columns and spots and information on the presence and launching points of stellar/disk winds in young stars.

11 May 2017: Christiane Helling - Charge processes in planetary atmospheres

Thousands of planets, that orbit stars other than our Sun, have now been discovered. Space and ground-based observations provide first insights in their atmospheric physics and chemistry, like weather features or the presence of molecules like H2O and CH4. These, however, can only be snippets of information for each individual object. To understand the whole ensemble of known objects we will need to produce models that help us understand planetary atmospheres and their formation.